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June 26, 2010

I’ve learnt the importance of exercise, for me, in keeping the black dog at bay.

It can be hard to make the time. Procrastination is easy, as with meditation.*

Fortunately I live only a handful of kilometres from a train station. I ditched the car, and now toodle to and from the train station each day. It’s arguably quicker than driving through traffic, especially in peak hours.

There are benefits for physical health and for our society, as well.

There is some evidence around the benefits of exercise as an element of therapy for depression, albeit not robust.

Myself? I find that if I don’t exercise moderately, on most days, I tend towards poor sleep, a drop in mood, energy and joie de vivre.

Incorporating it into my daily routine helps. My wobbly little legs don’t build up that much speed, sure, but it’s about the effort – not the achievement.

*A rather venerable buddhist monk once told me even he has trouble with meditation procrastination syndrome.

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