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September 11, 2010

In my recovery I’ve received advice from a few different therapeutic perspectives.

Different epistemological paradigms.*

A recurring theme has been the importance of creativity. This seems odd, to one from a scientific background such as myself. But it is a powerful aide-de-sobriété, I have come to realise.

It is not, to me, about possessing any talent or skill in a creative endeavour.

Case in point:

I have no talent for any visual art. Yet I have found it a useful way of identifying and hence addressing the subtleties of my own emotional states. A tool in strengthening my recovery – in exposing those parts of myself hidden from the light and drowned by the drink.

I enjoy writing, and schedule time to pursue this as my primary hobby every week. I treat it like a job – a job I happen to enjoy. I really don’t care if what I produce is classed as crude, clumsy, uncouth or banal.

I’m not trying to make a living from it.

I’m using it to help me live.

* My pretentiously sententious way of saying different types of self or societally appointed “experts”.

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